Stream Sql Databases

In my previous posts, I have mentioned about different types of databases, nosql and newsql. The databases mentioned in these posts are categorised based on data model, scalability, and so on. But do this databases support streaming queries? Apart from these categories, there are some databases which support streaming/live queries. Read more…

By Mohamed Rilwan, ago

Data Ingestion Tools

Today, we have variety of data sources like social media, sensors, databases, data warehouse, file systems, logs, web/app servers. Data generated from this sources are much required for processing, dashboards, predictions or for later use. We have so many data ingestion tools to achieve this. In this post, let see Read more…

By Mohamed Rilwan, ago

Apache Flink for Stream Processing

There are different stream processing frameworks like Apache Storm, Apache Spark, Apache Samza, Apache Flink, etc which has unique features. In this post, lets see about the features of Apache flink. Before we get started with the features, lets see what is flink? Flink: Apache Flink is a distributed streaming Read more…

By Mohamed Rilwan, ago

JavaScript Charting libraries

We have different JavaScript charting libraries for visualising data in the form of beautiful, easy to understand, interactive charts. But when we say visualisation, mostly we remember familiar libraries like d3, nvd3, highcharts, fusion charts and so on. But there are some more libraries like dygraphs, charts.js, cytoscape.js where we Read more…

By Mohamed Rilwan, ago