Data Ingestion Tools

Today, we have variety of data sources like social media, sensors, databases, data warehouse, file systems, logs, web/app servers. Data generated from this sources are much required for processing, dashboards, predictions or for later use. We have so many data ingestion tools to achieve this. In this post, let see Read more…

By Mohamed Rilwan, ago

10 V’s of Big Data

                               The 4 V’s of big data in the past few years, with many articles, opinions, criticisms, and hyped messages having been delivered on that subject. Objectively, the main point of the V-based characterization of big Read more…

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Data Lake

Hadoop Data Lake

                           Data lake is one logical starting point towards being data-driven in an agile way. In this post we will see hadoop based data lake, high level architecture and its components. Data lake is the centralized repository of Read more…

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