NewSQL relational database management systems provide the same scalable performance of NoSQL systems for OLTP – online transaction processing read-write workloads while maintaining the ACID guarantees of a traditional database system. The data structures used by NoSQL databases differ from those used in relational databases, and that makes some operations faster in NoSQL databases. Here are some NewSQL Databases.
Altibase is an in-memory database (IMDB) with a fast working, user-frinedly hybrid architecture. Altibase is a single database delivering high intensity processed date via an in-memory database portion and large storage capacity through an on-disk database portion. It is very flexible, relational ANSI SQL compliant and ACID compliant. It also offers easy SQL code and skills migration. HW & OS agnostics included. It keeps users current DBAs. Reduces HW & SW cost by in-memory + on-disk DBMS under 1 license. Over 20 years of enterprise grade RDBMS experience. Over 550 enterprise clients with thousands of deployments. Altibase has proven to be 10 times faster than conventional on-disk databases. It is basically a traditional relational database, which means it is ANSI SQL-92 compliant, needs no shortcuts for speed, no learning curve for DBAs, has simple application integration and is easy to find experts for. It is also faster than Cache Entire, which means it is an entire database residing in memory having an engine designed and optimized for memory, giving a high throughput, low latency and efficient indexing etc. it combines the benefits of in-memory speed and on-disk storage in a single relational database. There is also a reliable support for varied workloads, allowing real time access to time critical hot data, access to historical data, complex transactions through integrated data, easy bidirectional data movement between disk tables and memory and joint between memory and disk tables.The Flexible Deployment Mode has these types: In-memory only, On-disk only and Hybrid (memory and disk tables). Another outstanding feature is the multiple durability levels to balance between performance and persistence. A rich and versatile set of utilities and technological tools include the major heads such as: Productivity and Administration, Interoperability and Migration and more. One of its two editions, the Community Edition, provides all of the necessary features, functions and tools whereas the Altibase’s Enterprise Edition offers support through the Community Forum.
c-treeACE is a fully ACID advanced key-value store that supports multiple relational & non-relational APIs. Its unique No+SQL technology facilitates high-performance NoSQL and industry-standard SQL access within the same application, over the same data. c-treeACE ensures absolute developer control over data application configuration with its efficient, engineering-level database. It offers full security plus speed to develop innovative applications of different types, all for data relation transactions. FairCom has been refining its NoSQL technology for over 35 years. Built upon the solid foundation originally called ISAM, today c treeACE has become one of the robust No+SQL multimodel resolution available, perfect for a broad range of transactional applications. This is a fully ACID advanced key-value store which supports multiple relational & non -relational APIs. It’s up to date, unique No+SQL technology fully facilitates high-performance NoSQL and industry-standard SQL access within the same application, over the same data. c-treeACE is also a full SQL engine, on top of the ACID NoSQL key-value store. This multimodel approach is unique in the way our NoSQL and SQL engines complement each other. C treeACE is a nearly zero-administration database. Replications, hot backups and auto-recovery are also part of the whole package. The fine tuning the application provides has totally unprecedented performance. With a wide range of mechanisms to enforce data-access policies to advanced data encryption, c treeACE provides ACID guarantees on both NoSQL and SQL transactions alongside. Its features and overall software set up provides full time support when interoperability between the many supported platforms is needed , a complete suite of GUI and command-line/scriptable utilities. 98 percent user satisfaction currently provided by FairCom customers.The software provides updates when they are available. It keeps tabs on most widely used to least widely used data and arranges it accordingly. The transactions are also kept a record of in a similar fashion.
CLustrix DB is a self-management system which does all the complicated operations itself and adds servers to increase capacity, throwput and removes the chances of time delays due to failures in hardware. Clustrix DB has built in optimized tabs which categorize data into easily accessible sections and heads; an efficiently working self-management database system which saves time and effort by its self-procession; a new, browser-based user interface called ClustrixDB GUI; better durability and scaling options, efficient database flexing up and down ; a scale-out SQL which allows you to add nodes and hence serve more users; handling massive transaction volume with its in-built management system; real-time analytics on customers’ live operational data; simple migration for SQL codes etc. . The introduction of a revolutionary new interface, the Clustrix GUI provides an optimized browser based interface. The health dashboard has been finely tuned to give a quick and detailed insight into the performance of many important metrics such as latency, Memory, transactions per second etc. It includes the Cloud DevOps Assist – it lets developers optimize their database in such a fashion that not only is the workload streamed smoothly, but the query cache for reuse and options to view data statistics lets customers aware of the where, when and how concerning their data and how it is being handled by third parties.As applications pile up, CLustrix DB handles the massive transaction volume of these applications without any replacement of hardware, code changes or the need of shifting through databases.
CockroachDB is a survivable, scalable, strongly consistent SQL database, offering strong consistency, distributed SQL, high speed transactions and too for building great apps. It enables its users to go from the back to the front within a few clicks and steps. Due to the assistance of distributed database technologies pioneered by Google designed for web-scale applications, CockroachDB is independent of developers to make tradeoffs between time-to-market and scalable infrastructure. CockroachDB is equipped with one of the strongest disaster recovery systems in the market, which means when the data center or cloud infrastructure goes offline suddenly or malfunctions even in the slightest, the application stays up. CockroachDB bonds data centers to give automated, transparently continuous service in the face of large scale outages; apps require no knowledge or special handling of failover conditions. This feature makes the software running even when the remaining conditions are not favorable enough. CockroachDB is a geo-replicated database with highly elastic reconfiguration that enables data access from even the lowest latency sources without having to sacrifice consistency and speed. CockroachDB is a scale-out, SQL RDBMS supporting for ACID transactions. Other plus features include: the option to view data history as well as record and store it for future use; the self-cleaning process for disks and storage devices etc; an independent and self-maintained app system which keeps building on itself when data is mismanaged or left without any categorization heads and such; the option to get online, high-definition Schema changes for the software, a smooth navigational user interface etc.
MemSQL is a very high-performance, in-memory database which joins the horizontal scalability of distributed systems with the familiarity of SQL. MemSQL enables businesses to analyze changing datasets by ingesting streams, processing transactions performing analytics simultaneously in a single database. With instant access to both real-time and historical data, MemSQL makes rapid decisions by picking out the freshest data and eliminates the unnecessary queries. In a single database, Mem SQL can process streams and analyze large chunks of data giving the power to study changing datasets. MemSQL allows complete data growth by its inclusion of features like an in-memory row store and a disk-based column store in a single database, achieving extremely low latency execution. This versatility is based on these options: multiple data models, including SQL, Key-value, Document/JSON and Geospatial, online Schema changes and data retention etc. MemSQL even uses the MySQL wire protocol: it allows businesses to use familiar connectors as well as development tools. It has an elaborate security model which includes SSL encryption across MemSQL nodes and applications in a cluster and support for third party encryption and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for its distributed database platform. Something called the MemSQL Streamliner is integrated into this database management system which enables high-throughput, bidirectional data exchange between MemSQL and Spark. Furthermore, MemSQL Loader easily imports data from sources like HDFS or Amazon S3, making database management all the more exciting and wide with regards to its audience-approach. Configuration and management of a distributed system has never been easier because MemSQL Ops has the command center for provisioning and administering MemSQL clusters.
NuoDB is an always available, ACID-compliant, SQL database, which delivers on-demand capacity on commodity hardware across a myriad of data centersThis distributed database is wholly purpose-built to elastically map out across geographies without hindering the mainstream database requirements such as SQL or ACID semantics. NuoDB’s prominent new feature is its transformative quality. Its durable distributed cache (DDC) feature joins the strengths of traditional RDBMSs, rich ANSI SQL support, full ACID transactions, enterprise-class tooling for security, backup, and administration with support for elastic scalability plus a continuous availability across multiple data centers. Its other features are designed as per enterprise, operational and SQL needs. For instance, Memory-Centric feature for enterprises, geographical distribution for operational and flexible schema plus ANSI for SQL. NuoDB lets users pave a new way as to how they like their data not only stored, managed and configured efficiently but it also keeps them up to date with other possibilities for bettering their database management and related queries. Nuo DB helps you manage valuable data without compromising consistency and the familiarity of standard SQL. NuoDB’s innovative durable distributed cache (DDC) amasses the strengths of RDBMSs, rich ANSI SQL support, full ACID transactions, enterprise class tooling for administrative p0urposes, backup and security. It also endorses continuous availability and flexible scalability for data centers at various geographical locations. NuoDB can be customized according to user preferences anytime to work as a redundant active/active database across multiple server hosts. NuoDB provides inherent support for superior availability and redundancy, rolling upgrades, and online schema evolution and backup.
VoltDB is an in-memory, operational database purpose-built to aid businesses in building their high velocity transaction applications. The combined features manage data as smoothly as ever, the speed combined with scalability of the best distributed data architectures alongside the ACID transactionality of traditional RBDMs, the consistency combined with reliability needed to deploy more streamlined architecture, the tools and language of development made all the more efficient for professional use. The basic benefits and features of VoltDB include: enhanced speed and performance, real-time personalization and decision making, compatibility with a wide range of products, SQL familiarity, integrated Kafka export and import, manual scale-out on commodity servers, database replication for disaster recovery, export integrations to Hadoop and OLAP databases, VoltDB Management Console and a whole lot more. Furthermore, VoltDB has two editions: Enterprise and Community (open-source). It also includes something called Event Decisioning (ERED) platform for mobile operators which help them make real-time decisions. In an environment having massive data volume, VoltDb assists in making decisions in real time by processing data at a very fast rate. VoltDB combines the key components of traditional modern database technology to achieve this feat. It provides the scalability and pace of the best data distributed structures supplemented by the ACID transactionality of conventional RBDMS. It is also built on languages developers are well familiar with. VoltDb simple architecture helps to add nodes linearly and elastically to boost performance. VoltDb platform equips application to make quick decisions which results in a number of benefits such as prevention of frauds, resource optimization and a foolproof security.
Google Spanner is a scalable, multi-version, globally-distributed, and synchronously-replicated database. It is the first system to distribute data at global scale and support externally-consistent distributed transactions. This paper describes how Spanner is structured, its feature set, the rationale underlying various design decisions, and a novel time API that exposes clock uncertainty. This API and its implementation are critical to supporting external consistency and a variety of powerful features: non-blocking reads in the past, lock-free read-only transactions, and atomic schema changes, across all of Spanner.
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