In my previous posts, I have mentioned about different types of databases, nosql and newsql. The databases mentioned in these posts are categorised based on data model, scalability, and so on. But do this databases support streaming queries? Apart from these categories, there are some databases which support streaming/live queries. In this post, I am going to list, some databases which supports Streamsql (Streamsql is a query language which supports querying on real time streams in a database).

PipelineDB : PipelineDB is built to run SQL queries continuously on streaming data. The output of these continuous queries is stored in regular tables which can be queried like any other table or view. It supports:

  • Continuous aggregations
  • Sliding window queries
  • Joining streams and tables
  • Probabilistic data structures

Norikra : Norikra is an open-source Stream Processing Server with SQL.

  • Schema-less event streams (called as ‘target’)
  • SQL processing with window specifier supports, and JOINs, SubQueries
  • Complex input/output events with nested Hashes and Arrays, and Query supports
  • Dynamic query registration/removing, without any restarts
  • Ultra fast bootstrap and small start
  • UDF plugins

SQLstream : SQLstream provides a SQL-based, real-time analytics platform for streaming Fast and Big Data. The SQLstream Blaze stream processing software collects, analyzes and acts on data streams in real-time.

There are some more technologies which is a not a database but supports streaming queries, like SiddhiQL and Esper.


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